Great Product Brands

Stroeer Products develops and produces products for high-quality own brands such as Fixxoo and Lioncast. As a company, we draw on 15 years of experience in e-commerce and product creation, while our close relationships with suppliers and manufacturers guarantee consistently innovative, high-grade products.

As a retail partner of Stroeer Products, you can benefit from our close connection to the Stroeer Group and our long-standing expertise in e-commerce and product development. Get to know the brands in the Stroeer Products portfolio!


Consolidated Marketing Power

In addition to developing products, we also work on building brand recognition amongst relevant target groups. Our consolidated marketing power enables us to create optimal levels of awareness in all relevant digital marketing channels.

  • The largest public video network in Germany (more than 3,500 screens with 1 billion video views per week)
  • Leading social video network TubeOne (350 million video views per month)
  • Technology and gaming portals owned by Stroeer Media Brands (15 million unique users per month), including,, et al.
As a member of the Stroeer Group, one of Germany’s largest providers of outdoor and online advertising, Stroeer Products works closely with its sister companies:
  • (Deutsch) Ströer Media Brands Portale

    Die technik- und gamingaffinen Portale von Ströer Media Brands (24 Mio. mtl. Unique User) – u.a.,, etc.

  • (Deutsch) Social Video Netzwerk TubeOne

    Das führende Social Video Netzwerk TubeOne (350 Mio. mtl. Video Views)

  • (Deutsch) Public Video Netzwerk

    Das größte Public Video Netzwerk Deutschlands (über 3.500 Screens mit 1 Mrd. wöchtl. Video Views).